Marvel Contest of Champions Hack

This official game by Marvel for iOS and Android smartphones is extremely fun.  Unfortunately the principe of the game is to sell you as much items as possible! On here you we gonna show you how easily you can cheat and hack Marvel Contest of Champions to get all the items for free.


Downloading a file or using a online generator for Marvel Contest of Champions can be really useful. Especially when it is able to give you free items such as gold, units or energy. Some websites are promising you to simply run the hack tool and the items will appear on your account, but are they really trustful? We made the test on one website we found called They are promising every user as much free units, energy and gold for Marvel Contest of Champions without paying any money.

First of all we found this website on Google. There were also several videos on YouTube showing this website. You should enter your username of your account first, after that you are providing them with the information if you are playing on a iOS or Android smartphone. For example if you play on an iPad or iPhone you choose iOS. If you got a Samsung Galaxy, HTC or Huawei you simply choose Android. This is very important, because iOS and Android are completely different systems. The databases are also completely different. Make sure you provide them with correct information, otherwise it can happen you won’t receive the items. Next you have to pick how many items you actually want. No limit exists – this means you can run it as often as you want for yourself, friends or family member. Just make sure you are not trying to sell the items you are getting for free, because this is against the TOS. The Marvel Contest of Champions hack is working wonders. It generated us a huge amount of items just within three minutes. We can strongly recommend everyone to start using this hack.

The gaming community is strongly against any kind of cheating, but when it comes to smartphone gaming it is totally different. Since a few years many developer came up with “pay-to-win” games. To level up or being successful you need lots of items. Getting these items can be hard to expensive. Hacks, cheats and other generator are working perfectly and help you to get them for free. While others are spending lots of money, some smart people go to websites like Sagatactics to run hack apks. 

These hacks are also available for many other games like the new FIFA 18 Ultimate Team. For this game you can generate free FIFA 18 coins. But also for other mobile games like Clash of Kings or Summoners War it is working perfectly. Take a look and check how you like it. If you are a big fan of Marvel CoC you should definitely use this hack.